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The Myth of Endless Growth

I’ve always been told that if a business or church isn’t growing, something must be terribly wrong. After all, healthy things always multiply and grow.

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Should A Church Have A Mortgage?

I’m often asked, “Is it okay for a church to be in debt?” And if so, “How much?”

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My Next Book: Accidental Pharisees

Yesterday I put a sneak preview of the front and back cover for my next book up on Facebook.

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Because North Coast Church has been somewhat innovative over the years and successfully made lots of changes, I’m often asked by other pastors and leaders about the best way to go about making major organizational and ministry changes.

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Leading With Compassion – And Mercy

We all know folks who’ve made a mess out of their life due to poor, foolish, and even sinful decisions.

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North Coast In Colorado Springs?

It’s looks like we’ll be launching a series of North Coast campuses in Colorado Springs soon.

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The Forgotten Side Of Leadership

I find that one of the most common missing ingredients in the leaders I work with is adequate training.

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Keep It Simple!

My son Nathan recently came across an interesting Harvard Business Review blog (HBR Network). It contained an article by a David Silverman, a business writing professor, decrying the fact that we’ve lost the art of clarity and replaced it with the rubble of verbosity.

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Is It Wrong To Aspire Greatness – To Seek To Be First?

I find it strange that so many Christians fear ambition. Aspirations to greatness and the drive to be first are often cast as sinful expressions of pride and an ego out of control.

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