The Unity Factor


It’s No Secret Serving on a church board can be a tough assignment.

Marathon business meetings and petty squabbling can quickly take a toll. But lay leaders aren’t the only ones who find board meetings to be a harrowing experience. So do many pastors. Larry Osborne was no exception. Six months into a new pastorate, he found himself embroiled in controversy. Old members left as fast as new ones could be added. He and the board seldom saw eye to eye on anything. Troubled and confused, he set out to find some answers. What were the secrets of an effective leadership team? Could a pastor lead without becoming a dictator? What would it take to develop and maintain a unified board? Could it even be done? Now, many years, board meetings and hours of research later, Pastor Osborne applies tested, no-nonsense wisdom to these and other questions. Whatever your situation…whether your church is in a start-up phase, is small and struggling, or is one of a growing number of so-called mega churches, Larry has been there. As the senior pastor of North Coast Church, he’s walked his congregation and board through each stage. Now, in The Unity Factor, he shows us what it takes to develop a healthy leadership team with sensible strategies and warm encouragement. Now with an additional bonus chapter “What Game Are We Playing?”



“This book could save your church from needless conflict and division. Listen and learn from it!” – Rick Warren, Senior Pastor, Saddleback Church, Lake Forest, California

“Larry writes like a wise caring mentor, sharing his profoundly simple and proven approach to getting your team to work together…” – Bobb Biehl, President, Masterplanning Group International

“The Unity Factor shares excellent principles and insights from the North Coast team that have guided this church for over 20 years…” – Dave Travis, Vice President, The Leadership Network


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