2018 Dates

August 29-30

Preaching & Teaching Workshop, North Coast Church, Vista, CA

September 10-11

The Ascent Meeting #3, North Coast Church, CA

September 12-14

Speaking at Pastor’s School in Wenatchee, WA

September 25-27

Next Gen Leadership Community, North Coast Church, Vista, CA

October 3-4

Exponential West, Mariner's Church, Irvine, CA

October 6-7

Customized Consultation, Blackhawk Church, Madison, WI

October 7-9

Forest Lakes District Conference, Madison, WI

October 9-11

Next Generation Group 3, Meeting #2, Dallas, TX

October 16-17

Sticky Teams Conference, North Coast Church, Vista, CA

October 23-24

Vision Arizona, Gilbert, AZ

October 26-27

Recalibrate 2018, San Clemente Presbyterian Church, San Clemente, CA

November 5-7

Eagle's Nest Gathering, Oceanside, CA

November 8

Customized Workshop- Small Groups, Vista, CA

November 14

Converge Ignite Conference, Phoenix, AZ

November 15-16

Customized Consultation, North Coast Church, Vista, CA

November 27-28

Church Planter Network, Houston, TX

November 29

Customized Workshop- Multi-Site Ministry, Vista, CA

December 5-8

Customized Consultation, Orlando, FL


2019 Dates

January 12

AG Youth Pastors Cohort, Oceanside, CA

January 14-17

Eagle's Nest Gathering, Oceanside, CA

January 23-27

Customized Consult/Pulpit Supply, Grace Bible Church, HI

January 30-31

Larry on Leadership Workshop, North Coast Church, Vista, CA

February 8-10

Consultation with Door Creek Church, Madison, WI

February 13-14

Meeting with Pastor's Group, Anaheim, CA

March 5-7

Exponential East, Orlando, FL

March 8-12

THRIVE: Cape Cod & Vision New England

March 18-20

K-Club, Carlsbad, CA

April 9-11

ARC Conference, Birmingham, AL

April 9-11

Leadership Network Next Gen Group, Lawrenceville, GA

May 8

Leadership Lab, San Diego, CA

May 14-16

Leadership Network Next Gen Group Meeting